About the research

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Deep changes are taking place in organizations today. Their very nature and shape are evolving. People are at the heart of these changes. They are working in networks and communities; they are living in work cultures that challenge many traditional management methods; new forms of leadership are emerging.

Annual checkpoints on the digital journey

The overriding purpose of my 10-year long research has been to provide annual checkpoints for people involved in digital transformation of organizations. Each yearly report since 2006 has highlighted both status points and challenges on the digital journey. This evidence-based, multi-year narrative has helped many organizations understand where they are and what they want to achieve.

Foundational framework triggers strategic conversations

The foundational framework for organizations in the digital age, defined in 2013, has been used by many organizations for triggering meaningful conversations and developing strategies.

Goal: help decision-makers

Every organization is different, but in all cases it will make it easier to shape your organizational and digital future if you can:

  • See the big picture through evidence collected globally
  • Understand where you organization stands, based on your self-assessment
  • Identify priority areas based on your organizational vision and goals

Organizations around the world participate each year for different reasons:

“The data confirms our intuition about several priority areas for our next phase.”

“It helps us get a realistic perspective on our case.”

“Decision-makers value this kind of data.”

See the scope of the research in 2016: Core section. Extended section.

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