The Organization in the Digital Age

2015 Report

(Information about the 2016 survey can be found here.)

The purpose of the report is to provide executives and practitioners with data, analysis and firsthand stories to help them see where they are today and what early adopters are doing.

This 9th annual global survey included 373 people from 26 countries representing 280 organizations. Participants responded to an in-depth online survey of 140 questions. The data was collected between October 2014 and early January 2015.

The report has 128 pages, 108 figures and tables, and includes ten case studies. See the table of contents. Read the 10 key findings on Jane’s blog.

Strategic and transformative

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Two Primary Angles of Analysis

Data is analyzed primarily from two perspectives:

1. Early Adopter organizations compared to the Majority. The top 20 percent of organizations are compared to the remaining 80 percent based on scores, calculated by mapping survey input to the Digital Workplace Framework.

2. High-performing organizations on four business scenarios. Respondents answered questions, self-assessing their organization’s performance in each scenario and indicating their key success factors.

  • Learning scenario: ease for people to learn in the flow of work
  • Customer scenario: ease and efficiency for the customer-facing workforce
  • Agility scenario: agility when confronted with sudden unexpected events
  • Knowledge scenario: confidence of preserving knowledge and know-how


Read the 10 key findings on Jane’s blog.

This report will trigger conversations within your organization, challenge your thinking and provide data to help you make decisions and define your strategies.

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