A Foundational Framework

For the organization in the digital age

The goal of the NetJMC framework is to ensure that people understand that we are talking about the intersection of people, workplace and technology — that’s to say the organization in the digital age. It is not a conversation about technology.

The framework places people, mindset and work cultures at the heart of transformation.

The Foundational Framework is based on three perspectives: Mindset, Enablers and Capabilities, each sub-divided into three dimensions.

A scoring system correlates responses to over 100 questions with the nine dimensions, and making it possible to track maturity using a three-level scale: Starting, Developing and Maturing.

The Scorecard maps degrees of maturity calculated according to responses to an extensive online survey. There are two types of scorecards: the Collective Scorecard (consolidating answers from multiple participants from the same organization) and the Individual Scorecard (based on answers from a single participant).

The Foundational Framework triggers strategic conversations

“The data confirms our intuition about several priority areas for our next phase.”

“It helps us get a realistic perspective on our case.”

“Decision-makers value this kind of data.”




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