A reachability-openness index

Do you have technologies and work practices that cultivate inclusiveness?

The items listed below are indicative, not exhaustive. They are intended to provide food for thought and practical leads on how to increase reachability.


How would you answer these 10 questions?

1 – Does your digital work environment reach the entire workforce?

2 – Does everyone in your organization have access to the enterprise social network?

3 – Can people throughout your organization reach people they don’t know personally, using criteria such as skills and expertise?

4 – Can people anywhere in the organization find information – even if they do not know the source?

5 – Can customer-facing people reach the information and experts they need when serving clients?

6 – Can individuals from anywhere in the organization express themselves openly and directly using tools such as blogs, wikis, Twitter-like tools or other?

7 – Do people and teams work out loud, making their work visible to people outside the project team before it is finished?

8 – Are customers included in online communities with the workforce?

9 – Do you have initiatives such as enterprise jams or crowd sourcing (including frontline people) to solve problems and generate new ideas?

10 – Is there participatory leadership where people are encouraged to give input to business goals, and to challenge ideas and work practices?

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