Research demographics

A solid reference core of organizations

Approximately 300 organizations participate each year. They are located around the world, operate in a wide range of sectors, and include some of the world’s largest companies along with small organizations, NGOs and other non-corporate organization such as government agencies.

The research was based on a large common core: there was a 60-70% return rate of participating organizations over three-year spans, and some participated nearly every year.

Types of participating organizations


Size of participating organizations


Global footprint

global footprint

Regional locations

HQ region

Market positioning

market positioning

Age and digital maturity (data from 2015 report)

age and digital maturity

 Sectors of activity

  • Banking, investment
  • Chemicals
  • Construction, engineering
  • Consumer products & retail
  • Education
  • Energy, resources, utilities, metals, mining
  • Environment
  • Food & agriculture, food & beverage processing
  • Freight, shipping, logistics, transport
  • Government, public, social and community services
  • Healthcare
  • Humanitarian, charity, disaster relief, philanthropy
  • Industrial electronics & electrical equipment
  • Insurance
  • International or world organizations (e.g. UN, regulatory)
  • Manufacturing, aerospace, defense, automotive
  • Pharmaceuticals & life sciences
  • Professional, business, legal services

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