Year 10

2016  –  2015  –   2014  –   2013


The Organization in the Digital Age

110 pages, published December 2016

From Vision to Reality

  • Where We are Today
  • Goals and Strategies
  • Keys to an Actionable Strategy
  • Interview: Haydn Shaughnessy on Platforms and Ecosystems

People and Work Practices

  • Digital Capabilities
  • From Digital Capability to Practice
  • Trust and Work Cultures
  • People Data Analysis
  • Case: Air Liquide: Focus on People, not Tools
  • Case: NMCRS: Transformation in a Fluid Organization

At the Edges

  • The Customer-Facing Workforce
  • Success Factor Checklist
  • Customer Data Strategies
  • Ingredients for a Customer Data Strategy
  • Case: The Guardian: The Next Strategy
  • Case: Australian DTO: Digital-by-Default

Entrepreneurial and Innovative

  • Strong Digital Capabilities Around Collaboration
  • Horizontal Energy
  • Lean, Agile and Open
  • Case: Danish Demining Group: Innovation in the Field
  • Interview:Alice Obrecht on Innovation and the Success-Fail Spectrum

In Search of Fluidity

  • Flexibility
  • Mobile Workforce
  • Simplifying and Socializing Processes
  • Elastic Workforces
  • Case: Société Générale: Digital For All
  • Interview: Workplace Design: Digital and Analogue Accommodation

Learning and Remembering

  • Learning in the Flow
  • Remembering What We Know
  • Interview: Anne Rogers on Information as a Service
  • Case: Merck: Transforming From the Inside Out

Decision-Making and Investments

  • Decision-makers
  • Factors That Influence Investment Decisions
  • Investment Priorities
  • Decisions Based on Data and Outcome
  • Case: ALE (Alcatel Lucent Enterprise) – The Outcome Effect
  • Interview: Filip Callewaert on Lean Knowledge Culture


  • Overcoming Obstacles
  • Change Influencers


  • Workable Transformation Strategy
  • Senior Sponsorship
  • Cross-Organizational Sharing
  • Entrepreneurial Work Culture

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