Year 8

2016  –  2015  –   2014  –   2013

Digital Workplace 2014 Cover

The Digital Workplace in the Connected Organization

184 pages, published 2014, projection format: one idea per page


  • Digital Workplace and Scorecard
  • A Meaningful Definition
  • A New Way to Assess Your Digital Workplace
  • The Scorecard Transposed to a Maturity Scale
  • Early Adopters and the Majority
  • Pattern Variations in the Top Digital Workplaces
  • Digital Workplace Maturity: Averages by Industry
  • Nine Key Insights

Four Business Scenarios

  • Scenario 1: Empowerment of the Customer-Facing Workforce
  • Scenario 2: Learning in the Natural Flow of Work
  • Scenario 3: Organizational and Business Flexibility
  • Scenario 4: Retaining Knowledge and Know-How

Customer Focus

  • Business Functions and the Digital Workplace
  • Customer and Service Delivery Support
  • Interfacing and Collaborating with External People
  • Video for Business Purposes
  • Customer-Facing Workforce Enabled by the Digital Workplace
  • Customer-Facing: Ease of Getting Information

In Practice – Mini Cases

  • Arup – Networks and Social Learning
  • Minter Ellison – Social and Real-Time Business
  • Orange – Knowledge Management Key to Corporate Strategy
  • NRMA Motoring & Services – Customer Service and the Digital Workplace

Working Out Loud

  • Empowering People Today and 5 Years Ago
  • The Individual Voice: User-Generated Content
  • Internal Company “Tubes” – Video by People
  • Co-creating in the Natural Flow of Work
  • Reacting to Information and Ideas

In Practice – Mini Cases

  • Danish Refugee Council (DRC) – Innovation in Emergency Response
  • BASF SE – New Way of Working to Better Meet Business Goals
  • Unisys – Crowdsourced Glossary of Terms, Acronyms, and Concepts

New Organizational Design

  • Team and Community Spaces
  • Community Leaders Officially Established in Early Adopters
  • Enterprise Social Networks – Perspective over 6 Years
  • Enterprise Social Network Deployment
  • Low Level of Active Users Social Networks
  • Building Awareness Around Social Networking
  • Social Collaboration: Involvement of Stakeholders
  • Social Collaboration: Involvement of Top Management

In Practice – Mini Cases

  • Alcatel-Lucent – Social and Real Time, Flow of Work and Life
  • Utrecht University – Profile Pages Blend Hierarchy and Horizontal
  • Aegon – Enterprise Q&A to Share Knowledge
  • Air Liquide Group – Communities as Part of ‘Business as Usual’

Humanizing the Enterprise

  • Mobile Interest and Investment
  • BYOD Making Its Way in the Enterprise
  • Bring Your Own PC: BYOPC an Emerging Trend
  • Bring Your Own App: BYOA a New But Growing Trend
  • Mobile Services for the Workforce
  • Mobile Services Planned For Next 12 Months
  • Real-time communication common in Early Adopters
  • Local Languages in Global Organizations
  • Learning in the Natural Flow of Work
  • Impact of the Digital Workplace on Learning in the Flow
  • Scorecards for Learning in the Natural Flow of Work

In Practice – Mini Cases

  • PCL Constructors Inc. – Reaching Floor-Field, Sharing Knowledge
  • BT plc – Learning Through Communities
  • Jyske Bank A/S – Fast Replies Add to Personal Drive and Motivation
  • COWI – Project Sites – Virtual Water Cooler in a Global Company

The Smart, Agile Organization

  • Reaching Everyone, Including Floor-Field Workforce
  • Search, Neglected Part of the Digital Workplace
  • Search: Why So Much Dissatisfaction?
  • Search Strategies and Maintenance
  • Finding People and Expertise Through Rich Profiles
  • Scorecards for Two Aspects of Findability
  • Information Management Across the Organization
  • Use of the Digital Workplace by Communication, IT and HR
  • Employee Life Services Moving Online
  • Crowdsourcing Inside the Organization
  • Organizational and Business Flexibility
  • Flexibility Through Reach and Leadership
  • Retaining Knowledge and Know-How
  • Knowledge Retention: The People Factor Difference

In Practice – Mini Cases

  • Tata Steel Europe – Operational, Future-Leaning in Real Time
  • PwC US – Information Always at Your Fingertips
  • Mercy Corps – “Office in a Box” – Quick Response in a Crisis

The Mindset Impact

  • Enterprise Transformation Programs
  • Strategic Drivers for the Digital Workplace
  • Digital Workplace, a Strategic Asset
  • Top Management Support
  • Management Styles
  • Top Management Communication to the Workforce
  • Strategic Decision-Making: Internal and External Platforms
  • Strategic Decision-Making: Internal Digital Workplace
  • Management Levels Involved in Strategic Decisions
  • Functions Involved in Strategic Decisions
  • Organizational Cultures

In Practice – Mini Cases

  • Lexmark International, Inc. – Agility in a Fast-Changing World
  • Unisys – Communities, Cornerstone of Collaboration
  • Chubb Group of Insurance Companies – When Social is Business Critical

The New Workplace

  • Teleworking
  • Workplace Design for New Ways of Working
  • Challenges Beyond the Digital Workplace Itself
  • Concerns Impacting the Digital Workplace
  • Change Drivers
  • Change Drivers in Early Adopters and the Majority
  • Planning for the Future

In Practice – Mini Cases

  • Grégoire Charpe-Civatte – Interview: Gen Y Employee in an Industrial Enterprise
  • OFS brands – Workplace, the Body Language of Your Company

Scorecards per Industry

  • Chemicals, Construction and Engineering, Consumer and Retail, Education, Energy and Resources, Financial Services, Government and Public Services, Healthcare, Hospitality and Leisure, Humanitarian, Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Professional Services, TMT: Technology-Media-Telecommunications


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