Year 7

2016  –  2015  –   2014  –   2013

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Digital Workplace Trends

167 pages, published 2013, projection format: one idea per page

Transformation: Organizational Intelligence and Efficiency

  • Strategic goals
  • The “why” of the digital workplace
  • Integral part of enterprise transformation
  • Floor-field and desk-office, different emphases
  • Moving towards the digital workplace today
  • Early adopters defined

In Practice – Mini Cases

  • International Power – GDF SUEZ –  Digital workplace from vision to reality
  • Swisscom AG –  Getting the basics right in the digital workplace
  •  Alcatel-Lucent – The digital workplace, a way of working
  •  BASF SE – Senior sponsor and strategic alignment
  • Mobile 29

Mobile: Enabling People to Work from Anywhere

  • High rise in interest and investment in mobile
  • No predominant approach to mobile development
  • Effort focused on management and traveling workforce
  • Scope of mobile services limited
  • Business value from mobile
  • Security management is the top concern
  • Early adopters less concerned about cost issues

In Practice – Mini Case

  • Architect of the Capitol – Connecting with ‘onsite teleworkers’

Social collaboration: Empowering Individuals and Self-Managed Groups

  • A wide range of social collaborative capability deployed
  • Relatively low overall satisfaction with adoption
  • Adoption lagging especially for “disruptive” social capabilities
  • Boom in enterprise social networks
  • Enterprise social networks not yet thriving
  • Content creation and interaction not yet common
  • User-generated news & knowledge sharing
  • Reacting through commenting and rating
  • Multimedia sharing
  • Working in real time
  • Real time working widely adopted except for activity streams
  • Video-conferencing tried and true
  • Activity streams rare
  • Networking – a big leap forward
  • Co-creation of content increasing
  • Finding people and expertise not yet satisfactory
  • Connecting and creating communities not widely used
  • Internal crowdsourcing, ideation and open innovation are rare

In Practice – Mini Cases

  • Elsevier – Engagement, a business reason
  • Carl Zeiss AG – Commenting is first step towards social culture
  • Colacem – Finance Group – Wikis overcome resistance to sharing information
  • Sodexo – First “baby step” for global knowledge sharing
  • Wells Fargo – Put social where people do their work

Process: Governing and Integrating

  • Decision-making, policies and guidelines stalled overall
  • Increasing role of high-level stakeholders
  • Little integration of social into enterprise processes
  • Social integration improves processes

In Practice – Mini Cases

  • Scottish Enterprise – Online processes reduce errors
  • Danske Bank – Proactive information strategy saves time
  • Echo Entertainment Group – Self-service and collaboration for efficiency
  • COWI – Global project sites enable a global organization

Platform Experience: Coherence, Availability and Security

  • Digital workplace components, traditional and new
  • Highly collaborative digital workplaces for early adopters
  • Platform and user experience fragmentation
  • The cloud
  • Relevance of the cloud varies by sector
  • Security and data safety, top concerns
  • Systems in the cloud, social leading
  • Early adopters early in the cloud
  • Main benefits around cost and flexibility 104
  • Major concern is security and data safety
  • Security risks limit the digital workplace
  • Benefits from dealing with security risks
  • Customer information primary concern
  • Mixed interpretations of security-related concerns
  • Investment 111

Investment Priorities, Indicators, Value

  • Budget management
  • Central control predominant budget approach
  • Central control greater in early adopters
  • Training and change management lowest budget item
  • Budgeting issues entwined with ownership issues
  • Investment priorities
  • Mobile an investment priority for 2013-2014
  • Different priorities for early adopters
  • Indicators
  • Level of activity a measure of success

In Practice – Mini Cases

  • RSPB – If money’s tight, get the basics right
  • Alstom – Invest in change
  • Grundfos HoldingA/S – How is your digital workplace actually doing?
  • University of Auckland, New Zealand – Big value from simple metrics
  • Van Marcke Group – Social inside increases business reactivity
  • OFS Brands – Online engagement brings strong sales
  • Fortune 500 global technology company – Digital workforce has better performance

Change – Leading not Managing

  • Trust and knowledge sharing strong in early adopters
  • Organizational openness greater in early adopters
  • Concerns about value of social collaboration
  • Management resistance to social collaboration
  • Resistance to social collaboration from different functions
  • Dealing with resistance to social collaboration
  • Champions key to success
  • Peer behavior is strongest change driver
  • Drivers differ with organizational social maturity
  • Community management essential role
  • Different interpretations of community management
  • Limited success in overcoming resistance
  • Time and external influence

In Practice – Mini Cases

  • U.S. Bank – Leverage different adoption stages
  • An international law firm – Organic growth is peer-driven
  • Pacific Gas and Electric Company – Encourage change in a practical  way
  • Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited – Encourage change in an organized way
  • UNICEF – Selling the ‘Digital Workplace’ via use cases
  • Unisys Corporation – Show business value at the employee level

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